Monday, June 30, 2008

FOR TODAY June 30th
Outside my window...we saw a hot air balloon this morning.

I am thinking...about how cute it was that Madi was singing Somewhere Over the rainbow in the shower this morning.

I am thankful for...all of the opportunities that are available to our family, most importantly being able to stay home and homeschool.

From the kitchen...homemade bread and cinnamon buns made last night from freshly milled wheat...thanks again Cris!

I am wearing...tan shorts and a red shirt, barefoot as usual.

I am creating...more whole wheat baked goods today (again, the real thing freshly milled not the kind from the store with no nutrients left in it.)

I am bring the kids to Theatre in a few minutes. Less driving this week because Kids' College is over.

I am reading...Ready for Love by Debbie Macomber, Childhood of Famous Americans Abigail Adams with Madi, Stone Soup almost everyday with Jake, Mothering Magazine and Brain Child magazine.

I am get a lot accomplished during Theatre.

I am hearing...the kids singing along with Multiplication Rock as they finish getting ready.

Around the house...clean sheets in the washer ready to be hung on the line and very messy counters in the kitchen that I want to tackle this morning.

One of my favorite things...the smell of sheets hung on the line.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: After Theatre today Jonathan will play in a four hole golf tournament, less going on the rest of the week. Fun Fourth of July activities on Friday which should culminate in us being able to see the town fireworks from our driveway.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...


crispy said...

Yummy on the picture. I am so glad that your baked goods turned out. It was such a treat to share that with you. Thanks for coming and taking a chance. =)

ann marie said...

Yum...Can you share the recipe? My daughters LOVE cinn. rolls and I have never made them home made. I do make lots of other things home made though, I swear. But I do confess to not milling my own wheat...that sounds tough.
We are looking forward to the fireworks and parade. One of my favorite holidays.

Julie said...

This is all new to me, but the milling isn't hard, it's just expensive to buy the mill (but pays for itself eventually). Check out Crispy's blog to learn more, she's the expert!

Cobblestones said...

Wow, my mouth is officially watering!

Sandy said...

I am so jealous. We haven't seen fireworks since we moved. I hate that. Lovely entry.

A happy heart at home said...

Two great things - that wonderful smell of air-dryed sheets and that wonderful smell and taste of yummy cinnamon rolls!

Nice to 'meet' you through your Daybook. Have a nice week!


Randi Sue said...