Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Stealing Pictures

Jonathan and Madi are in an ad for our friends' pool business.

This blog teaches me more about computers everyday. I am getting really good at taking pictures from other places and people and putting them on here. I can even type in between them now. My oldest God-daughter, Mary, was named the state of Vermont's female athlete of the year. Here's a picute I got from a newspaper link.

On Sunday after the 4th show in four days, Jonathan, Madi and I headed down to the Magic Kingdom with "hillsidehollow" and her girls H and G. Our passes don't work in the summer (it is too hot and crowded anyway), so we wanted one more visit before the fall. Amanda the theatre director is "Tinkerbell" at Disney and she "flies" from the castle during the nighttime fireworks display. We love to stand under where she lands and yell to her. It makes us feel important to know Tinerbell so well! I got these pictures right off of "hillsidehollow"'s blog.

In addition to the regular show, Madi did "dance camp" too which which is basically 4 extrs hours of class where they learned three dances. These pictures are from dance camp. All the make up is because they were getting a head start on some of the oompa loompa make up...she doesn't usually (ever) look like that.


yusuf said...
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Tiffany said...

Why take pictures when you can grab them from others--it definitely makes it easier doesn't it?? My pictures from the shows never come out very well anyway. A got some good ones for you.