Monday, June 2, 2008

"What a nice day for a walk in the park"

My parents (AKA Meme and Grampa Carlie) met 45 years ago today!! My father was 17, just about to graduate from high school and was driving around with his buddies. My mother was 14 and walking with some friends. Dad saw Mom walking and told his friend to pull over because he wanted to meet that girl. His first words to her were, "What a nice day for a walk in the park." In the beginning my grandmother (Mugga) said, "You can't go out with him, he shaves!" , but eventually they did get to go out (my father had to park his car in front of the house, and they walked to the movies for two years because my mother wan't old enough to "go in cars.") They are as much in love today as ever and are an inspiration to us all. Their lovestory is our whole family's story and this morning when I asked both Jonathan and Madi separately what happened 45 years ago today, they both quickly figured out what it was and even knew the line (except Madi said "stroll").

Do you know the lovestories in your family?


Tiffany said...

My mom and dad met because my mom asked him to buy beer for her. How romantic is that??? She was 16, he was 19 and they were married just a few months later and I was born about 7 months after that. :0) I'm proud to say they are still married and very much in love. Don't know that we will pass that story down though.

bfarmmom said...

My mom and dad met on a blind date. At first my mom wasn't that crazy about him, but then she found out that he took his mother to Mass every Sunday and well, the rest is history.. And also after 43 years of marriage were still so much in love. PS- your parents are so nice, I enjoyed meeting them again at Chic fil a.

Melissa said...

What a beautiful love story! Thanks for sharing it!

ann marie said...

Tiffany, pass it down, just wait till your kids are a little older.
Julie, that is a sweet story. I love hearing things like this about other people.
My mom and dad met on the railroad tracks, waiting for the train to pass. SO romantic.ha ha

crispy said...

My parents met at Bible College in Oregon. Chuck's parents met at Bible College in NY. My sister and her husband met at Bible College in SC. Anc Chuck and I met at Bible College.

Pretty neat legacy. =)