Friday, December 13, 2013

7 QTs

I'm going all out, in honor of blogging more, linking to the popular blog crowd, and mentioning my "friend" Jen  yesterday, I'm doing the mother of all link ups today!
1. I just realized that I have 45 minutes in which to shower and get to the theatre (remember I shower at least once a day!), so this will be short and (maybe) sweet.

2.  Few things make me as happy as clean carpets!  We have used the same carpet cleaning guy in all the years we lived in Florida, he's great!  Jake wasn't even born when we first had him clean our carpets at our old house.  Wednesday when the guy was here, he was telling me about his 27 year old daughter's new baby.  He was also marveling at how grown up Jonathan and Madi are.  It occurred to me later that while my teenagers were toddlers when we first got our carpets cleaned, his daughter (now grown with a child of her own) was just a child of 13 or so at that time.  Time flying makes me crazy!!

3.  Jonathan's college classes are done for the semester and he got all A's!  He's got a 4.0 in college!  I am not a fan of putting an apostrophe somewhere that doesn't show ownership (A's what?  you might ask), but otherwise it would look like he got all As which doesn't make sense either!

4.  Madi signed Silent Night for our church's St Nicholas breakfast while Jake and friends sang.  I just shared it here, but it will show up as a separate post.

5.  I've had butter softening on the counter for two days just waiting to make Christmas cookies, aka Jello cookies, aka pastel fruit cookies.

6.  We already made oreo truffles, they are just about gone.

7.  Gotta get to the theatre, two performances of Annie today, Jake is Rooster and Madi is Grace both times.

Go here for better (and probably less quick) takes. 


Jessica Snell said...

Oreo truffles? YUM. :D

Tiffany said...

I love oreo truffles! Bring me one to the theatre today if there are any left! Jake and Madi were awesome yesterday! Yay for blogging more.