Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Year in review January 2013

I'm starting to feel all year in review-ish.  Since I blogged almost nil this year and have big plans to blog more in the future what better way to start than to blog the year in the rear view mirror?  Facebook and Instagram will help me immensely with this project.  I've been "gramming" for exactly a year because my first picture was this one...
And tonight I took this picture...
Thus begins the series of 2013.  The year began with us and my parents in chilly Williamsburg, VA.

We also made our annual trek to see the manatees.  It was a warmish day and I'm pretty sure the only one we saw was this fake mosaic one.
We celebrated this guy's 3rd birthday.
After two years of having his permit, Jonathan got his license.
Next up...February!

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Tiffany said...

Love this....I might have to copy this! So fun to re-live your year. Landon looks so little!