Wednesday, December 18, 2013

"Most" posts of 2013

In the spirit of kicking it up a notch, I'm linking with some of the popular kids for Sarah's most posts. There's a Seinfeld episode where George points out if you take everything he's accomplished in his life and condense it into one day, it looks decent.  Maybe the same can be said for my blog.

Post with most clicks...this might be cheating because it is from a little more than a year ago, but it looks like my post with the most clicks is this one Talk talk talk.  Interestingly, with 128 clicks, I only got 1 comment.

Most comments... I actually have a few posts with four comments.  Is that the saddest thing you've ever posts with the most comments this year have FOUR comments!!  I'm going with this one for most comments...  Parenting... a work in progress.

Post with best pictures is probably this one... 7 QTs The Little Mermaid edition.

Hardest post to write was maybe this one... Not sure what this will be about because I'm still not really sure what it's about.  Or this one because I'm having a hard time with how fast my kids are growing up!!

Personal favorite is... probably this.


Karen said...

very cool posts! glad you shared
Marry Christmas

ann marie said...

Well your most clicked post only got one comment but it was from me, so Ir mean that should make it all better. I can't even look at my stat page. It's so embarassing to see one click per post. It makes writing seem totally so very worthwhile!

RockerMom a.k.a. Jennifer said...

Let's see if we can boost your most comments. ;)

These are great posts!

Erin said...

I'm often bemused by how the most heavily clicked posts can sometimes even have no comments!