Thursday, December 12, 2013


Someday I will have a lot more time to write.  When that day comes will I have as much to say?  Between college classes, a kid in school, and extra kid (in a different school), a trip to the Florida Theatre Conference, Madi's trip to Indianapolis and the National Catholic Youth Conference, our family trip to CT and New York City, even our normal days haven't been normal.  Today though I've had my two teenagers here plugging along on a little virtual school while I attempt to put the house back together after having the carpets cleaned.  After our fourth or fifth time of dropping all we were trying to do to have deep conversations about Advent and our Catholic faith, or less deep conversations about Disney and Christmas presents, I was reminded that this is my favorite part of "normal life".  In those interrupted conversations, part of me gets all stressed because there are educational things that need to be checked off.  Another part of me knows that these conversations are what real education is all about.  At one point Jonathan told me I need to write some of this stuff down.  That sounds a little like a compliment and a lot like a challenge.  Mike has been saying for years that I should write a book, but my immediate reaction is that I'm not even the best writer that I know.  Like somehow I could only begin writing something after said best writer writes her book.  (interestingly that best writer is also one of my very few readers)  I'm not sure where I'm going with this because it most definitely is not some kind of a kooky way of saying I'm going to write a book (cause I'm not).  It's more like my way of reminding myself that I should at least attempt to blog a little bit more.  If my 18 year old son thinks that what I have to say is noteworthy, maybe it is. 

So I may be on a slow journey back into blogging on a semi-regular basis.  How's that for commitment?  Of course last week I told Madi I planned to go to the gym twice that week, and two weeks later, I haven't even been in the parking lot.  On the other hand, I have been beating myself up for not being consistent with my daily readings and prayers, but I had a revelation in the shower this morning (at noon),  I take at least one shower every single day.  Yesterday I did so at 7:30am, and today it was lunchtime.  Guess what, I still get clean.  This is a huge revelation for me as far as prayers go.  I am doing the daily readings most days, I just don't have a set quiet time in which to do them.  That's just my personality and my phase of life.   There's not some unwritten rule that says quiet time has to be first thing in the morning.  As for getting to the gym, that's a whole other story!

I have never been a talk radio person, but I am currently obsessed with the Catholic Channel on satellite radio.  This morning I stayed in the car much longer than normal because
Jennifer Fulwiler was on there!!  As a blog groupie I sorta feel like I know her, so that was cool.  Sometimes I want to blog more just so I can do more link ups with the "in crowd".

My brain is not empty yet, but as usual my time is running out.  We'll end with a picture.  I'm a little envious of the families and classrooms that have the elf on the shelf because I like fun things like that.   I recognize that it may not be the most holy of Advent activities, but if I had younger kids, I'd have one.  Well then I saw this idea about ADVENTures of the Wisemen, and while it didn't solve my, "I don't have little kid"s issue, it was something I already had, and the wisemen are searching for Jesus not just getting into mischief.  The idea is that the wisemen are in different places every day searching for Baby Jesus.  Mine will probably just stay where they are because I'm pretty sure I'm more excited about this activity that anyone else in the house.  I can say that because see those two empty playmobil advent sets... it's December 12th already and no one has opened a box yet.  For more Wise Men ADVENTures go here.


ann marie said...

I think Jen (of conversion dairy), wrote a book. So now you can write one too. I came on here wondering of you had updated and see that you have TWO wholes posts since my last visit! I'm impressed! I like when my kids give me compliments. For some reason they are the only people I believe. We did the travelling wise men once. Kirsten's friend, Susette, mentioned it once at bookclub. My kids loved it. I put them on the tops of the doors and every night I would move them and the kids really go into it. Okay, more to say, can't remember now, of course. I hope you are serious about blogging more!

Tiffany said...

Is Jennifer Ful... the superhero momma with all the boys? I used to read her blog but don't much anymore. I love Camp Patton though, thanks for getting me hooked on that one. Traveling wise men sound fun!

Melissa said...

I love that traveling wiseman idea! I will come to your house every day and find the wisemen. I find myself longing for those Christmas activities that require you to have small people in the house. Guess I'll have to wait for grandchildren. Christmas is not nearly as fun now that my kids are older.

Jennifer Marie said...

Hi Julie! Older kids can be hard to entertain but the wise men may still be fun for them - but in a different way!
We did something like this when I was a teen. We had an action figure of GI Joe that was sitting around the house. My siblings and I would move that action figure when no-one was around. We would put it in odd spots or doing odd things. Then we waited to see how long it would take till someone noticed that it was moved! We had so much fun doing that! I was 16+ at the time! Really that was my inspiration for the Wise Men ADVENTures!!
Hope you all have a blessed Advent and Christmas Season!