Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Every hour

There's a blog link up somewhere that involves 10 pictures on the 10th similar to the every hour instagram fun.  I took 9 every hour pics today so that I could have a pic of my pics like this.

Starting from the bottom right and going completely backwards they are...

1.  Coffee with pumpkin spice creamer at 8:45 (I had already been up for two hours).
2.  World History with Madi at 9:45
3.  Addressing Christmas cards at 10:45
4.  Reading Economics to Jonathan while he hung more outside lights at 11:45
5.  An embarrassingly unhealthy lunch at 12:45
6.  A picture of the ceramic tree with the unseasonable warm weather coming in the window, I opted for this view as opposed to the computer screen as I was at this point wasting time on the computer. (1:45)
7.  Checking out the FPEA website about Jonathan's graduation (and crying) at 2:45
8.  Jake doing math homework 3:45
9.  Jake made me take 4 more pictures because he has all of a sudden begun acting teenager-like and didn't like the way he looked.

Now my day actually gets busy... I need to drop Jake and Madi at theatre (Jonathan has been there since 1:00), pick up Mary and three more Chinese kids, drop off other kids, then head to the airport to pick up Mary's mother.  Until an hour ago I thought this last part was happening tomorrow...such is the life with a Chinese teenager.

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