Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Catch-up pictures

Tonight was opening night! It was a great show! Madi was an orphan in the ensamble tonight...tomorrow she's ANNIE!! Jake was a very little servant. It is so fun to watch him on stage. Jonathan as usual did a great job with the lights, no pictures of that yet.

Today we made cookies to sell at the Theatre. The money earned from concessions is all going to charity. Some of it will go to Rob and Kim and the boys! They are still waiting, and basically there hasn't been any good news for a while. Please continue to keep them in your prayers. I worked concessions during intermission, and people were very generous. Many said to "keep the change."

Yesterday we went to see "A Christmas Story" it was really good!

This was a performance last weekend-- a fund raiser for a new Civic Center that is going to be built. All three kids are in it, can you find them? Pictures from Light up M* D*** (as if it is really a secret where we live!) Here are some pictures from the Christmas tree Forest the day after Thanksgiving, we didn't actually get our tree there, we got it at Lowes!

I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas...finally!


ann marie said...

Jake takes the funniest picture. I love the one of him making cookies and stinking his very long tongue out. And the one of him with your husband, very cute.
Looking forward to seeing Annie.

Homegrown Schoolhouse said...

Love all the pix- thanx for catching us up!

Also, it reminded me, the first friend Hannah has met here looks like she could be Madi's identical twin. Isn't that ironic?

cindy said...

I love the pictures of Jake-Tucker makes the same faces. Madi sounds fantastic (and the dress is cute, too!)

Tiffany said...

You've gotten some good pictures. Jake's faces are funny--a different one in every picture.