Sunday, December 28, 2008


FOR TODAY Sunday night December 28, 2008...

Outside my's dark and we just got home and are going to bed soon, so we didn't even turn the Christmas lights on.

I am thinking...about what a great Christmas and Christmas weekend it was!

I am thankful for...Dot, Paul, and Patrick giving Jonathan a really nice bedroom set that we are going to go pick up tomorrow.

From the learning rooms...another week off.

From the kitchen...still leftovers, cleaning out the freezer, and hoping to plan days where the kids pick out a meal and help to prepare it--I am hoping this becomes a new routine for us, especially to help my picky ones.

I am wearing...actual clothes, not jammies this time, greenish capris, a greenish sweater, and my new magnetic necklace from Jake, and my crystal Christmas tree earrings for another few days and then not again until Thanksgiving.

I am creating...a stockpile of gifts for next year that we've gotten at 70% off after Christmas prices.

I am have my husband home all week!

I am reading...another Christmas book, The Christmas Shoebox, I think it's called.

I am hoping...for a long, calm, restful week, well actually a long, calm, restful 2009!

I am hearing...Mike yelling about his blackberry not working, oh nevermind, he fixed it.

Around the house...Jake's asleep and the rest of us are heading to bed.

One of my favorite things...Christmas cards-especially with a picture and a letter, how are we supposed to know what's going on if people don't send a letter?! There are still a lot of people that I am waiting to hear from.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Mike's made a big long list for his week off that includes accomplishing projects as well as things like bowling and doing a puzzle. Basically we want to get a lot done and still feel well rested, sort of like my goals for every other week.

Here is a picture story I am sharing...our day...


cindy said...

Looks like you guys had a nice day! It was warm here (for us) but not as warm as you guys had it! Or it looks anyway! Again I love that we're doing the same thing again!

Smith Schoolhouse said...

i miss Florida & the sunshine!