Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning

The excitement of heading down the stairs...

For some reason I really enjoy putting pictures of food on my blog, probably because I really enjoy food! These have been our Christmas traditional breakfasts for the last few years copied from friends...Skier's French Toast and Egg Cheese and sausage breakfast casserole.

Towels with their names on them for Meme and Grampa Carlie, we also gave them a coffee grinder, a lemon tree, and a customized calendar.

Patrick opening the golf pillow cases that we made for him...

Eventhough it was a somewhat "lean Christmas"-- sort of a running joke in our family, we ended up with lots of wii games (although I think the kids spent the most time playing the two we just borrowed from the library..."because we have to give them back"). Jonathan got a guitar, Madi got some clothes and hot rollers, Jake got some wonder pets stuff, some of the Disney cars that he is starting to collect, and some art supplies. They have lots of gift cards, they all got another Webkinz, an American Idol singing game, and more. In their stockings they got bandaids, soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, goldfish crackers, etc...and of course gold chocolate coins in the toe.

Jake gave me a magnetic necklace, Madi made me earrings and an anklet and she gave em the book Twilight, and Jonathan gave me a candle. Mike and I just did stockings for each other, but they both included gift cards even Ballroom Dancing Lessons, something we've been talking about for years. In the meantime we have the Wii Dancing With the Stars to get us is so fun! Ii am so tired, but I want to get a few more pictures on here. I hope you and your family had a very Blessed and Merry Christmas!! Ours was great!

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DebiH. said...

Looks like fun! I almost called your house the other day to speak to your resident Playmobil expert! We needed something put together and it took forever to figure it out! Breakfast looks yummy :)