Sunday, May 24, 2009


For today Sunday night May 24th.

Outside my window...the rain is not nearly as exciting as it was last week!

I am thinking...about the homeschool convention still, and about how my iron was good enough to give blood today (one week of vitamins did the trick, last weekend my iron was too low).

I am thankful...for my family.

From the kitchen...we had steak, potatoes, and broccoli for supper. On the menu for this week we have chicken and chips, pork tenderloin, vegetable soup, spaghetti and sausage, and tacos.

From the learning rooms...we're getting close to the 80s! Evaluations are done, but I still want to make it a priority to finish the year...I'm also getting excited for next year. Jonathan and Madi are going to do more things separately next year, it will be different for us. Jake still didn't finish the Storm in the Night lapbook, so we need to get on that and then start The Glorious Flight. He did do about 8 lessons in his new math book this weekend though and all three kids are writing stories.

I'm creating...writers.

I am wearing...greenish capris and an orange-ish shirt.

I am reading...Handoff by Jeff Myers.

I am hoping...that we continue to get more rain (even though I'm tired of it) because we are getting some sod delivered tomorrow.

I am hearing...the family starting a movie downstairs.

Around the house... the smell of popcorn is in the air.

One of my favorite things...when Mike has a day off.

I am watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix in a minute.

A few plans for the rest of the week...much calmer than last week! Schoolwork, babysitting, and Theatre, everything else is done.

A picture thought... it was from 4th of July, but works for Memorial Day too!

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cdgantz said...

I love the picture of your dad! Too cute! Have a great day!