Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tons of catch up pictures....

Jake got his first trophy yesterday. He was so proud he took everything down from the high shelf in his room so he could put it up there all by itself. In my 39 years, I never got a trophy!

Beach fun.

Nature walk fun.

Silly string and Slip-n-slide fun.

Muddy fun.


April's AWANA clubber of the month.

Fun at writing club.

Madi went to a fun birthday party a couple weeks ago where they had to follow clues to solve a Nancy Drew-type mystery. One clue was even in the pool.


Cindy said...

Great pictures! Tucker has his soccer and tball trophies on a shelf in his room too! Love the beach pictures and the Nancy Drew clue birthday party-LOVE Nancy Drew!

Tiffany said...

I love the pictures! Are our kids blessed or what??? I don't think I got to do that much fun and special stuff in a year when I was a kid.

DebiH. said...

Great picture review!