Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rush rush rush...

This is my 442nd post...can you believe it! I guess that's where all my time goes. This is going to be one of those "empty my brain" kind of posts. I had composed some of this in my head this morning, and was getting on the computer to do just that when I found out we could see a local performing arts elementary school's version of ANNIE for free this off we went. What's one more thing right? Madi read Jake his Five in a Row book on the way. Also during breakfast this morning the kids watched an episode of The Wonder Years that involved a lot of discussion about the Vietnam War...the sister on that show was part of the "counter-culture" of the 60s. Now I think we just might be a part of a new kind of counter-culture. I grind our wheat like the Little Red Hen, and speaking of Little Red Hens we had one at our park day on Tuesday. Some of our friends are raising chickens for eggs (that's all we buy now and I'm hooked!) and this particular little chicken was being bullied at her new home so she was going to go live with some other little chickens for a while. Something tells me this is not all that typical. (not the chicken bullying, but the whole thing)

I'm considering switching to a natural "shampoo bar"...I've avoided this because they are not cheap, but I guess if they last a long time it will be worth it. Also rumor has it you don't need to wash your hair all the time if you use these. Right now my head feels like it is crawling if I don't wash my hair AT LEAST once a this could be interesting. Between gardening, and farming, and grinding wheat, and natural products, and homeschooling we have a really interesing crowd. Sometimes, though, I just want to rebel again the new counter-culture and let my kids have poptarts for breakfast (of course today they had kefir that we cultured ourselves). [But believe me we eat more than our share of poptarts too!]

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Melissa said...

I feel terribly rebellious at times too. Yesterday I ate an enormous quantity of Cheetos. Can't wait to hear more about kefir! I have finally settled into a happy hair washing routine. I've given up on the baking soda (though it's great for deodorant and cleaning the bathroom) and am just shampooing with regular shampoo twice a week. In between, I wet my hair most days and blow dry. I love it - absolutely cannot be bothered fussing about with my hair - which (some would say) is why it looks the way it does. :) It takes some time for the itchy/oily/gooey feeling to go away - was at least a couple of weeks for me.