Friday, May 8, 2009

What's new?

Too much!! Mike is getting a pay decrease at work, which is extrememly frustrating! We will not be going to CT etc this summer. His work has been so frustrating for him for so long, but the fact that it is 10 minutes from our house (among other things--known vs unknown, etc...) has kept him there. In other words even if there were some other options they probably wouldn't be better ones. In the grand sceme of things it is not all that bad, but still annoying.

Also because we are so blessed by having so many close friends in our lives, so many people that I am involved with on a daily basis are burdened right now with financial difficulites or health issues or both. It can be overwhelming. The story that Jonathan and Madi and I read this morning for their Bible lesson was about people who were forced to travel miles out of their way on a bus because the mean bus driver didn't feel like letting them off. As it turned out while they were hiking back to their village they met a woman with a baby with an eye infection. One of the women was a nurse and they were not only able to cure the baby, but they were also able to bring the Gospel to the woman and her village. It made me think of the Garth Brooks song Unanswered Prayers and the kids and I discussed that. Also I quoted the line from the movie Rudy..."we ask God for things in our time, He answers in His time". So there's the lesson for today courtesy of Garth Brooks and Rudy!

Yesterday we saw the play HOLES. It was really good, I was able to finish the book just minutes before the play began. I had it on CD from the library as well as the book that we own, so on the way there we listened in the car and then when we got there I just had to finish the last two chapters. That is basically the way we squeeze so much into our day. Just a few minutes of planning can make all the difference. On the way home from the play even though we had a friend with us, we listened to Story of the World...the Assassination of JFK, and Madi read the FIAR book to Jake. As soon as we got home Jake colored the Canada flag for his Very Last First Time lapbook. Minutes later 4 more kids were dropped off at my house and Jake was picked up to go to the little kids' writing club. We eventually had 15 kids here for big kids' writing club. We learned long ago that if we didn't do school because something else had come up, then we'd never do school because something ALWAYS comes up. We just fit it in around everything else (and I am one of those people who thinks "everything else" is very educational too!). When writing club ended (incidently, that is school too) we ran upstairs to do the JFK outline and review questions...then it was off to Jake's game.

Speaking schoolwork, we're going to get back to that now. We have three extra boys here this morning, and I've given everyone some time to "rock out" to We Got the Beat and Eye of the Tiger, but now it's time to get back to JFK and the Civil Rights Movement.


crispy said...

Sorry to hear about the pay decrease. Trusting that God is in control. We cut Chuck's pay in half and it has still worked out fine. God is still faithful. He still provides.

I loved the story you mentioned about the bus and the baby and the gospel. Isn't it awesome that God has the BIG picture in mind? =)

Anonymous said...

I am sorry about the pay decrease. Mike got one too a couple of months ago. They also increased his hours, since he had to cut his staff. He has another staff cut coming, which will mean we won't see him much. He keeps talking about getting second job, but I am going to revamp my end of the budget, so that won't happen. I know God will provide.
The kids had a blast Thursday. Thank you so much for including them.

Melissa said...

Sorry about the pay decrease - all of your blogger friends seem to be in similar situations. I love the way you do school - here and there, in the car, mornings, afternoons. Very cool!