Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rush rush rush continued

I had a lot more on my mind than I had time for earlier today so here's the rest (or some of it anyway). As I've said before I feel like I sound like Paula Abdul most of the time (for those of you non Idol fans she often has no idea what she is going to say until it comes out of her mouth and she sounds pretty clueless half the time). I really cannot get the most common word out very often, but I'm consoling myself by saying (or at least trying to say) that it is because my brain is going a million miles a minute all the time. In Harry Potter (yes, I know some of you aren't Harry Potter fans either) they have this object called a "pensive" (I've probably blogged this before) where Dumbledore can basically put his thoughts to get them out of his brain...I need one of those, but so far the blog is the only thing I've come up with that is even close.

Since I was last on here I've picked up the kids from PE, eaten lunch with them, done science with Jonathan and Madi, read them 3 chapters of St Pius X, and brought them to a friend's house. I also did a load of laundry, cleaned a bathroom, and closed my eyes for 20 minutes. Actually I also went through three bags of clothes that a friend had handed down to Madi (great stuff!) and watched some of the Brady Bunch. Madi was thrilled with the clothes. It is funny because I remember my grandmothers both used to talk about how embarassing it was when they had to wear hand-me-downs. As a child I was never too keen on wearing someone else's clothes...but it is definitely the "in thing" now! Back to the counter-culture thing. It is often said of those of us that bake bread etc, that we are doing it like our mothers and grandmothers, but really I think you'd have to go back 3 or 4 or more generations to get to where they regularly had to bake the bread they ate. We just read in one of our history books about convenience foods and how more than half of what you could buy in a grocery store in 1970 was not even available in
1950. WonderBread however was available long before 1950.

T-ball is winding down. Jake is supposed to have a game tonight, but it has been raining (Thankfully...we need it desperately).

The homeschool convention is next week. After Christmas, that is generally my favorite time of the year. Also next week is the AWANA awards ceremony, Jake's last game, the finals of Dancing with the Stars and American Idol, and the kids will have their yearly homeschool evaluations. There's more going on next week, but those are just the highlights.

We are going to Connecticut this summer afterall, but for a shorter time.

Apparently Jon and Kate are separating. Did anyone else hear that? Rumor has it they have both been unfaithful. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE??!!

As most bloggers will tell you, when you get into this, you eventually "think in blog post"...I found myself wondering today if authors do that all the time too. I was actually thinking this way (narrative story form) long before my blog though. Back then I thought of it as composing our Christmas letter in my head all year long. Sometimes when I have a short thought I think in Facebook post instead.

Well, the sun is coming back and so far it looks like Jake's game is on. Better get moving!


crispy said...

I am bummed about the rumors of Jon and Kate. I agree...what is wrong with people. I tried to find a little bit of news about it and all I found was a commentary about why they should stay together because it is good for their show.

SICK. =( No respect for marriage itself.

DebiH. said...

I'm bummed too (about J&K) but not shocked.
As if 8 kids (in multiples) isn't challenging enough for a marriage...they add a show that has become very out of control popular. There is no time to guard their marriage from all of the possible problems. It makes me wonder if, as Christians, they had any Christian support or guidance on balancing everything. I don't usually pay any attention to "celebrity stuff" but this does make me sad for their family. It also makes me sad because it is a show I had let my girls watch :(

The convenience food thing...I just thought about this on my last shopping trip. I don't usually consider sliced bread, or even frozen veggies as "convenience foods". It occurred to me while I was shopping how much of what we buy now would be a luxury a few generations ago.

Cindy said...

I like the idea of using a "pensive"! Maybe we could patent it and make millions.

I did hear that about Jon and Kate and saw they were on the covers of Star and Us at Walmart...apparently, they interviewed Aunt Jodi and Kevin (Kate's brother and s-i-l). ANyway, I don't want to go into it too much because it is so unsettling but I, like DebiH, am not surprised. They lead such a crazy life, never mind having it all be on TV. I was thinking of blogging about it but you beat me to it! I may still beacuse it's so unsettling.