Sunday, May 31, 2009

For today Sunday night May 31st.

Outside my's a starry starry night.

I am thinking...about the full week ahead.

I am thankful...that the kids' Theatre didn't have to stop and that they practice and perform right around the corner from our house (four shows of High School Musical 2 coming up this week)

From the kitchen...we had my parents here for sausage and spaghetti tonight. We are cleaning out the freezer before going away in a few weeks, so we are only buying groceries that go with what we already have. Coming up on the menu we have beef stew, pork roast, more tacos (that is pretty much a weekly meal), and some frozen "Voila" meals that we'd gotten buy one get one.

From the learning rooms...we are starting school at 7am tomorrow because I want to get Bible, History, and Science in before we head over to help set up for Theatre at 9:30. Jake is still on The Glorious Flight (it isn't his favorite) I think will be Madeline. We'll squeeze in math at some point each day.

I'm creating...flexible children.

I am wearing...jammies--red shirt red and white shorts.

I am reading...Nights of Rain and Stars by Maeve Binchy.

I am sleep good tonight...I have the craziest, most vivid dreams...for example the other night I dreamed that I bought a little boy friend of ours (who's birthday is not coming up, but two of his sisters are having a birthday soon:)) a shirt at Target for his birthday then had a conversation with his mother about what kinds of clothes she liked people to buy him (she wanted yellow instead of blue and nothing Nascar) so I then had to go to Target to return the shirt and the return line was too long so I just bought the yellow one and figured I'd return the blue one later {but by that point it had orange painted handprints on it}, then I was worried because I'd need to tell Mike so he could record it for the budget, but I had now bought two and thought maybe I could eventually return the first one with the second receipt...anyway, this is typical for me and probably why I wake up still sleepy!!

I am hearing...Jonathan going downstairs to get a drink of water before bed.

Around the house... Jake fell asleep while I was reading Frances's Birthday to him (it's not a very good book).

One of my favorite things...the homeschool exhibition which is coming up on Saturday (and of course "show weeks" which this also is).

I am bed without having a bedtime snack...aren't you proud of me?

A few plans for the rest of the week...Babysitting Baby X Mon, Tue, and Wed (then we won't have him regularly because his Mom is a teacher and school is getting out), Theatre stuff all week, still schooling whenever and wherever we can. The kids and I also get our teeth cleaned tomorrow and I go to the dermatologist on Thursday.

A picture thought...


DebiH. said...

If the birthday dream boy is mine...that cracks me up!
Why nothing Nascar? You must have me confused with the mom of another little boy who has a Daddy that loves Nascar and a Mommy that thinks he watches too much of it :)

Tiffany said...

I loved Nights of Rain and Stars. It was such a simple, sweet read. No major drama but a good story.
I'm also excited about performance week! I guess I'll see you tomorrow.

Cindy said...

I also liked Nights of Rain and Stars. I didn't get my daybook up last night...probably tonight. Have a fun week with the play!