Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday's thoughts

Eventually there will be more "homeschool convention" posts that will hopefully be thought out, but in the meantime here are some thoughts for a Tuesday morning.

Jake is currently "casting" some more shows and is especially enjoying playing the part of Rooster in Annie while all of his webkins are lined up on the couch watching. Sometimes he throws in a little of the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz just to keep things interesting. He's decided he does like the book The Glorious Flight afterall, now that we are just about done with it. We just did it the old fashioned 5 in a row way without a lapbook this time. I'm thinking of having him make a basketball lapbook soon though because he is "really into" basketball at the moment and will be playing it at mega sports camp next week.

Jonathan and Madi have about 5 more sections in Story of the World, two more stories from the Parables book we've been reading, and about 7 more science lessons. Math will continue on and off all summer, and I just copied Tiffany's reading BINGO idea and gave them each a chart with 16 books to read in the next 10 weeks. They only have 4 "you choose"s each, but up to 8 of the total can be listened to instead of read, so it isn't very difficult. I'm not really giving any rewards though because #1 their whole life seems to be full of rewards, and the summer is so full with camps etc I wasn't sure when we'd fit more rewards in. All of the libraries have reading incentive programs anyway, so we'll get in on some of that. Also I said for each BINGO they'd maybe get a token which could be used for something to be named later.

I've now just spent about 30 minutes on back to back phone calls and now we really need to get moving on the last of this schoolwork that I was refering to. I'll have to finish my thoughts later.


Smith Schoolhouse said...

good to hear from you and about your school & summer plans.

Debra said...

I am googling basketball lapbooks and saw that you might have done one with your son. I'd love to hear what you did for this. My 8 year old wants to start the year with a study of basketball and I'm a bit stumped. If you see this and respond, I'd be so grateful.

Debra Anderson
Littleton, CO