Saturday, June 13, 2009

More pictures

Last weeks Theatre events were capped off by a ceremonial running over of the "hot dog display"...

Jonathan spent a few days with my parents this week and on Friday Jake, Madi, and I along with OBM's two oldest kids went to get him and spent the afternoon at the beach. Somehow we didn't take any pictures at the beach, but we did see this strange car on the way.

This past week Madi and Jake took part in a local VBS sports camp. Madi was an assistant teacher of "Dance" for the younger kids, and Jake was in soccer. He was supposed to do basketball and was very much looking forward to it. On Monday we found out basketball had to be cancelled. For a few minutes Jake was very upset and didn't want to do it, but by the time I picked him up from the first night he said, "Soccer is much better than basketball!"

Jonathan and Madi are participating in free golf clinics (and later in the summer free 4 hole tournaments) put on at a local golf resort. This is Madi's first summer doing this and Jonathan's third. These are pictures from today.

Madi took these pictures from our backyard this evening.

Isn't this the most perfect pumpking you've ever seen?! It grew out of our compost pile from seeds from the fall. We have three more pumpkin plants growing, and a few more baby pumpkins...very exciting. It went from the garden to the crock pot to scones very quickly...I can't wait to eat them for breakfast!


SportsCampConnection said...

Awesome pictures! Glad to see younger kids enjoying sports camp and expanding their horizons. I is more fun than basketball!

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Tiffany said...

I love the smashed hotdog picture! I'm going to have to steal that one.
That's cool that Madi is doing the golf class too.
And, congrats on your pumpkin! The scones look yummy!