Tuesday, June 23, 2009

abreviated daybook on the road

...For today Tuesday June 23rd.

Outside the window...it is already light out even though it is just after 5am.

I am...awake and laying on the couch at Mike's Dad's house.

I plan... to go back to sleep as soon as the benedryl kicks in, we've all been fighting minor colds on this trip.

I am... not playing by the rules on this daybook because there is no copying and pasting on the blackberry.

I will...have tons of pictures to post at some point...maybe not until we get home.

I am thinking...this was the first Sun/Mon I let pass with no daybook in about a year.

I am creating...family memories.

From the kitchen...I plan to have some of a fruit tart for breakfast.

I am thankful...that the METRO didn't crash when we were on it...and I am sad for the people who were on it when it crashed.

Learning rooms on the road... DC on the weekend and NYC yesterday...what's more educational than that? We even saw a glimpse of "the little red lighthouse" and a great view of "the great grey bridge"...a FIAR book. In the next few days, I hope to go to a restaurant/hot dog/fried clam stand like the one in Night of the Moonjellies.

I am hearing...not much, alls quiet.

I am going... to walk down to the beach later, today is the calmest day of our trip.

I am reading ...Just Take my Heart by Mary Higgins Clark and a few more books.

The rest of the week...tomorrow we will go to my nephew John's birthday party and see my side of the family, including Cindy. Thursday we will go to a celebration for our niece Sarah's completion of middle school. Thur night through Sat am "the cousins" get to be together. Friday night Mike and I go to his cousin's wedding at Samuel Morse's estate (of morse code fame). Sat mid morning we hit the road.

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Tiffany said...

Good to hear from you! I didn't do my daybook at all yesterday for the first time in who knows how long. I've been in a bit of a funk but I think it's lifting. I feel good and normal today at least.
Your trip sounds great! I can't wait to see pictures.