Monday, June 29, 2009

Daybook--Home Edition

For today Monday June 29th

Outside my window...there's a mixture of sun and clouds.

I am thinking...what did we do before digital cameras...I just down loaded 244 pictures from our trip onto the computer...I am also very annoyed because I cannot get online on said computer.

I am thankful...for Jonathan's computer because that is what I'm using now.

From the kitchen...meatballs are in the crockpot, bread is in the machine.

From the learning rooms... summer break...although Jake did some math today by his choosing...lots of reading.

I'm creating, just putting lots of stuff away.

I am wearing...tan shorts and a green shirt.

I am reading...The Cricket in Times Square.

I am figure out the computer problem.

I am hearing...Jake and Madi watching The Price is Right.

Around the house...tons of laundry in progress.

One of my favorite things...HOME!!

I am pick up Jonathan from theatre and bring him and Madi to kids' college in a few minutes.

A few plans for the rest of the, relaxing, reading, shuttling kids, and lots of fun with Jake when no one else is home...he's got a lot of plans including games of Battleship, Wii Bowling, and more.

A picture thought...


Cindy said...

nice picture of you guys! Isn't it amazing how many pictures we take? I am always thankful for digital cameras, if only to delete the ones that didn't come out or someone (usually Tucker) moved? Are kids today just faster?! Any way it was so much fun seeing you guys and I look forward to seeing all the pictures!

Tiffany said...

Before digital we had to take a lot less pictures and we spent a buttload of money on developing!

Smith Schoolhouse said...

i love price is right! not even sure why- just always have.