Wednesday, June 3, 2009

school, the 80s, and a blocked salivary gland

I can pretty much be assured no one has ever had a blog title like that, right? If you've been following along, the first two should be self explanatory {in Jonathan and Madi's school work we are up to the 80s}. Here's the thing, I never considered my self stupid, so the logical conclusion would be that I learned next to nothing in school! Here we are learning about a decade that I was "in school" during (5th grade through my first year in college), and my 11 and 13 year olds understand it way more than I did as a 19 year old!! Story of the World is the best! I love the way it explains things. I am learning so much and at the end of each chapter, I am amazed that I never knew half this stuff. My kids are amazed too. I vaguely remember that Billy Joel went to the Soviet Union, but I didn't even remember the song Leningrad. I just copied it on here from you tube. There is actually a video that we watched on you tube, but the html for it is disabled so I had to put the one below on. I did, however, teach myself how to put you tube videos on here (so I'm really not stupid right?) and there's no stopping me now. Even before we got to Story of the World today [the story for today was the end of the Cold War by the way], I showed my kids We are the World from you tube. We also watched Do They Know it's Christmas (and they actually know that song because we hear it every Christmas season ). Those videos might show up next. We'll be watching Family Ties on soon.

On another topic, Mike has had a big swollen thing under his tongue. It's been there a while and had me mildly concerned. The other night we were discussing it and the "C word" came up. I had already considered that {even though I try not to, I generally think the worst...if you've known me for at least a year and a half you know why} I became much more nervous once we said it out loud. Mike has a regularly scheduled physical next week, I also convinced him to make an appointment with the Ear, Nose and Throat Dr, but they couldn't get him in until the end of the month. Monday the kids and I had our teeth cleaned and I mentioned it to the hygenist. She said to have Mike come in and the dentist would look at it. We went today. I went too because I wanted to read the dentist's face when he looked at it. Long story shortened, it is a blocked salivary gland, he'll need to go see an oral surgeon, but HOORAY!!! Praise God!!! A blocked salivary gland...a cause for a celebration!!!

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