Sunday, April 19, 2009


For today Sunday April 19.

Outside my is dark, from the back windows you can look out on our wonderful outdoor living area.

I am thinking...about all of the work we got done this weekend and the spiritual enrichment we got as well-- Mike at the Catholic men's conference on Saturday and me listening to Scott and Kimberly Hahn speak on Friday night.

I am thankful...everything Mike did to make our yard look so much better!

From the kitchen...we had burgers on the grill tonight (outside of course). I don't have an official menu for the week yet, but we've got lots of food (we SAVED $97 at Publix today!!).

From the learning rooms...I can't wait to get back to schooling tomorrow...I hope to get A LOT done because the rest of the week is full of other things (appointments, the beach etc). We got these great DVDs from the library from the History channel about DECADES we watched the 1930s on the way to Jacksonville the other day, we plan to watch the 40s tomorrw (it is overdue) and then we also have the 50s. At the Zoo on Saturday we learned a lot and even got a behind the scenes tour of the Animal Hospital, we saw Xrays and the operating rooms and everything.

I am creating...a nice outdoor living area. I still haven't made that pillowcase that I mentioned last week.

I am wearing...a Tshirt of Mike's and sleeping shorts.

I am reading...still Breaking Dawn.

I am get a weeks worth of school work done tomorrow.

I am hearing...Jonathan and Mike talking.

Around the isn't too bad considering we focused all our time on the outside.

One of my favorite things...listening to the kids play...Jake and Madi were playing "dogs" tonight (apparently they had tons of dogs...they might've been dogs themselves I'm not sure) the dogs' names were Danny, Adam, Kris, Alexis, Madelyn, Aaden, Joel, Leah, John, and Kate. {Do any of those names sound familiar?}

I am bed in a minute.

A few plans for the rest of the week...almost too full to think about so I'm just going to concentrate on tomorrow since we have nothing but schoolwork (and hopefully a visit with an old friend and her boys in the evening).

A picture thought...
I'll have more zoo and yard work pictures on here eventually.


Cindy said...

I laughed when I saw that you guys also had burgers on the grill! Looking forward to the zoo pictures-sounds like you had a good time! Srprisingly I love going to the zoo and can't wait to go with you guys in June! Have a great week!

bfarmmom said...

We had such a great time spending the day with you guys! Have a productive calm great week!! I want to hear how you saved 90+ dollars at the grocery store???

Smith Schoolhouse said...

can't wait to see the yard- in person! less than a month!