Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

I'm a bit of a cheater because I latched on to this Thursday Thirteen thing and I'm not really linking to them. For my loyal readers however I will share with you thirteen plays that at least someone in my family has seen in the past year. I chose this while I was blogging it in my head this morning while watching If You Give a Pig a Party. Hey by the way, did you all notice that I wasn't on the computer at all yesterday? I'm not giving it up cold turkey, but I hope to slow way down (not necessarily on the posting, but on the checking 15+ times a day)...

1. The kids and I went to see If You Give a Pig a Party today. It was just going to be a "date" for me and Jake, but at the last minute there were two more tickets available.

2. Last week was The Hundred Dresses.

3. Also last week was GREASE at a local high school.

4. A few weeks ago we saw Junie B Jones and a Little Monkey Business.

5. In December we saw A Christmas Story.

6. In the fall we saw Robin Hood.

7. Also in the fall Jonathan saw his first Broadway Show-- Phantom of the Opera with Grandpa Sal.

8. Also with Grandpa Sal this past summer we saw a free and amazing production of South Pacific on our summer family reunion vacation.

9. In October just before Madi got her braces, the orhodontist gave her two tickets to see a touring production of the Wizard of Oz.

10. For Valentine's Day the little kids' theatre class put on a show, Madi was a helper...I love this picture.

Last summer we did go see two OTHER childrens' theatre plays, Pinocchio and The Wind in the Willows (but no pictures). Last spring we saw Narnia and Miracle Worker and probably some more plays, but all those pictures are on the old [even more broken] computer. So for the last three we'll do ones the kids were in...

11. Beauty and the Beast a month ago...

12. Annie!

13. ...and Jonathan in Guys and Dolls...


bfarmmom said...

They have seen more plays than I have in my entire life!! No joke. very cute.

Julie said...

Since posting this I was realizing in the same period of time I think we've been to the movies 3 times...Mike and I twice and Mike and the kids once.

Tiffany said...

Wow! That's awesome, such great experiences. I wonder how many it would be if you counted how many you guys had seen ever.