Thursday, April 23, 2009

Not getting it all done

Any homeschooling mother (and probably any mother) will tell you when you're "doing well" or getting all done in one area, other areas are going to slide. If you're really rolling with school work...your house is probably a mess and vice-versa. I try so hard to keep all of the areas under control, but something always slides. I haven't done wii fit in the better part of a month (nor have I walked the kids to or from theratre), but I am almost done with a book series that must have about 2500 pages, we're hitting the school work pretty hard, the house isn't a pig stye (although when I woke up this morning it was close), we are cranking in the yard, and we've done some really fun things recently that I finally found the time to stick some pictures on here.

We had a great day at the beach (and pool) yesterday with Tiffany and her kids, my parents, and Dot and Paul. I did get a speeding ticket on the way there though. Jonathan was trying to take a picture of it all so I could document it here, but I was pretty "shook up" (ask Tiffany to sing a song about that) about it and was afraid he might haul me off to jail so told him not to. (now I kinda wish I had a picture) The ridiculous part is I didn't even think I was going fast. I wasn't in a rush...not like I'm going to be this morning trying to get Madi to her well-checkup if I don't get my butt off of here and get going.

On Monday night we met our friend Dani (Hi Dani!) and her two beautiful boys down at Downtown Disney for dinner and ice cream. It was the second Monday in a row we had gone down there to meet friends...who's next?

The zoo on Saturday was great...the highlight was feeding the giraffes!!

The "splash park"...

On the animal hospital tour the kids even got to look at Xrays of some of the animals.

In the bathroom they even had samples of animal poop.

The yard...


Leisa said...

Wow, you all have been BUSY and having a blast! I love all the pics. The yard looks fabulous! I love when my yard comes together and we can sit out and enjoy our beautiful weather.

Cindy said...

Great pictures! Looks you guys have been busy and having fun! Your yard looks AWESOME!

Smith Schoolhouse said...

LOVE the yard! what zoo was that?