Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Stuff

For some reason as "festive" as we are, we often don't get around to coloring eggs. I'm not really sure why, we have tons of traditions surrounding Easter and all other holidays, and I have nothing against coloring eggs (I like doing it), we often just don't get to it. Maybe we will at some point later today, but since we have plans all afternoon, and church's not really looking like it. Here are some crafts and activities we did get to for Easter.

Decorating Easter cards

Our salt dough tomb for Jesus started out like this
...but ended up like this we had to change geers and do it this way

And my is Madi's picture from art class yesterday...

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crispy said...

I like your ideas. We often run out of time on the egg coloring too. I hate being that busy. We will have to try the tomb idea someday.