Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

I didn't even do this one last week, but here's today's...thirteen things I did today...

1. Got woken up by Mike when he called to say good morning.

2. Sqeezed oranges for juice (there was only enough for me) and had that with my breakfast.

3. Read Katy and the Big Snow with Jake...actually for the second half he sang the story opera-style.

4. Got Jake set up with an art project to draw houses like in the book and glue cottonballs on to represent snow.

5. Did science and history with Jonathan and was more on the brain, nerves, and reflexes, and history was Ho Chi Minh and Viet Nam (not to the war yet).

6. Brought the kids to PE in my jammies and didn't get out of the car. (actually just before this I thought Jake was missing and had a mini panic attack until I found him at the fence talking to Daniel).

7. Came home, checked blogs and emails (I had done that earlier too) and took a shower.

8. Picked the kids up, and we all came home for lunch.

9.Talked to my mother on the phone.

10. Talked to Caryn on the phone three times (once to borrow a can of enchilada sauce...sent Jonathan to retrieve it).

11. Talked to OBM on the phone three times and made plans to go letterboxing. (and went letterboxing --and got ice cream from the ice cream truck!!)

12. Watched another Decades DVD on the 50's with Jonathan and Madi "When America was Rocked" about Rock and Roll.

13. Just before letterboxing, Mike came home briefly because he is back in town (hooray!), after letterboxing Mike was back home and he took Madi and Jake to Jake's practice while I made enchiladas (with Caryn's sauce). They should be back soon and then it'll be time to eat.


DebiH. said...

Which letterbox did you find?

Cindy said...

That's funny about Jake reading opera-style! Tucker did that tonight with one of his books for school!

Leisa said...

You seem to get so much in a day. What time do you get up and going? I need specifics so I can see what I'm missing.

Smith Schoolhouse said...

sounds like a great day! makes me miss the good old days.

Tiffany said...

I also want to know which letterbox you found.
You guys do manage to pack a whole lot into a day!

Julie said...

The three trees...Madi was the only one from our family who had done that one before.