Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thirteen Random things

I have no idea where this post will end up, but I'm going to attempt Thirteen things that are on my mind on this beautiful Thursday morning...

1. Memere passed away one year ago today. It is really hard to believe, she was such an important part of our lives.

2. Today is Holy Thursday also called Maundy Thursday...our beloved "Auntie" (who passed away almost 5 years ago) once cracked us up using that term when we weren't familiar with it. Never does a Maundy Thursday go by that I don't think of her (and miss her).

3. Our friends Jeff and Kelly and their kids are supposed to be coming over today and spending the night. They live in NC and have been at Disney. Both Memere and Auntie really liked Jeff.

4. Because of Jake's Tball game tonight and our company coming, it doesn't look like I'll be making it to Church.

5. Jonathan and Madi are going to help hide the eggs at our church's Easter Egg hunt on Saturday. Jonathan was asked to wear the Easter Bunny costume, but he declined. Give him a hard time about it when you see him. (anyone can come I think it's at 10)

6. We've attempting to make a salt dough tomb to lay Jesus in tomorrow (he'll be gone on Sunday morning..."He is not here He has risen"), but it is not turning out so well (it's not hardening right)

7. Jake is really getting into Five in is right up his alley because he gets so into things anyway. Here are the lapbooks for Peter Rabbit and Make Way for Ducklings...

8. Jonathan did the lights for the Living Stations of the Cross the past two Sundays.

9. I was sad to see Scott go home on American Idol last night. He is such an inspiration and he sang one of my all time favorite songs (I'd actually forgotten about that song!).

10. Jake and Madi are at PE right now and I'm going to be late picking them up because I'm blogging.

11. Jonathan went to work with Mike today, but will be back soon (they had to drop off a "bid" hours away--they left at 6am).

12. Kids are coming over for writing club in a little while and I have no idea what we are doing. Last time I had no plans either and it went really well.

13. Jonathan and Madi read the book A Letter to Mrs Roosevelt yesterday it was really good. I highly recommend it. We also read Amelia and Eleanor go for a Ride (a picture book)...they really did know each other! Jonathan and Madi are working on an Amelia Earhart lapbook. We are now listening to Out of the Dust. I love studying this whole time period (Depression, dust bowl, WW2, Holocaust etc)


Tiffany said...

I love the lapbooks! They are fast becoming my favorite thing to do in our homeschool.
I was sad to see Scott go too but felt like if it wasn't this week it would be next week. I really thought Paula was going to cry. Also--he still gets to go on tour!
Have fun with your guests! I have guests coming tonight too.

Cindy said...

The lapbooks look great! I was thinking of reading that picture book about Amelai Earhart and Eleanor Rossevelt with Tucker-I'm glad to see that you liked it! It's hard to believe Memere's been gone a year already and that Auntie (and my dad and Poppa) have been been gone almost 5!