Sunday, August 3, 2008

August 3rd

Forty years ago today Marie Elaine Robert married Carl Randolph Trahan. It was apparently such a hot day in Willimantic, Connecticut that the candles were melting on the tables (unlit). That night on their way to their honeymoon in Hampton Beach, NH, they got a hotel room in Massachusetts, and 19 year old Marie held tight in her hand her handbag that contained the marriage certificate (afraid someone was going to question them). Part way through the week, they returned to Willimantic and picked up Marie's parents and 14 year old sister and took them back on their honeymoon with them. I can picture the whole thing even though I wasn't even born yet. Marie and Carl are my parents and these are just some of the stories that have been passed down. My parents have the best relationship you could ever imagine. They are such an inspiration to everyone who knows them. Twentysix years after they took my grandparents on their honeymoon, Mike and I took them on ours! Actually, I wish there were words to describe how wonderful they are, I am so blessed to have them as my parents. We met them for breakfast this morning on our way home from our vacation. I wish for them that they could be spending this day with the kind of celebration it deserves, but the truth is with them it doesn't matter. Except for our breakfast this morning, they are spending the day, just the two of them together at their house and my father has a bad cold, but they are still the happiest people I know and they love each other as much as two people can love each other. They have each other and their family that loves them. They have great memories and many more to come, who could ask for more than that? Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad, we love you so much!

P.S. When they read this and hear the new music on my playlist, I'm pretty sure they'll be dancing right there in their living room!


cindy said...

Your parents are truly an example of everything a marriage is supposed to be. When I was going through some pictures recently, I came across the pictures from their 25th anniversary party at the Ukranian club!

chewhi said...

I love this!

Smith Schoolhouse said...

this is so sweet! Your parents are an inspiration! Forty years- WOW!