Sunday, August 17, 2008

Computer trouble

Guys and Dolls was great and I'm still unable to get a picture or video on here. Whenever I can get to it, there will be a lot to catch up on. Jonathan was great and decided to be in the next show (Aladdin Jr) instead of just doing the lights as he had planned. This means all three kids will be in Aladdin! Guess what video they want to watch today? Jake is going back and forth between acting out the Wizard of Oz and Guys and Dolls. I think the satellite TV guy who was here on Friday found it a little strange to see a five year old boy listening to Luck be a Lady and Bushell and a Peck (I'm sure he didn't really even know those songs though). The good news is I think our TV monitor etc is finally fixed (I don't think I've blogged much about it, and maybe that's because I'd love to say we don't watch TV at all, but we do, and I have spend hours and hours this summer dealing with Dish network). The guy basically replaced everything (and didn't charge us anything except for the previous aggravation), and now it works. Unfortunately, we haven't gotten that far with the computer from my father. I'm not really sure if I should be dealing with our internet provider or the computer company, so I'm just not dealing with it at all. I want it fixed though. Jonathan's computer keeps crashing and I think it doesn't have enough memory to support my blog habit.

We are "starting school" tomorrow. I've got a schedule planned (that we'll probably abandon pretty early on) and it will be interesting to add Jake into the mix after two years of preschool at a school building. I'm looking forward to it, and looking forward to not needing to drive the kids anywhere for a while. I did almost cry the other day though when I drove by St Edward's and realized it was preschool open house. We really miss Miss Shawnie, but have plans to go visit. Our loft is currently in a mess because of the parts of the old computer and new/used/not working computer, and that is where we ideally will be doing our school work. I don't really feel like cleaning it up though (more of my not dealing with the computer), so we'll have to see where we end up doing school. I had been thinking of working with Jake in his room, but right now his room is the set of his production of Guys and Dolls (did I mention Buttons (Jake's Build-a-bear who wears a Buzzlightyear costume) is in Guys and dolls with Jake as well as the people from the game Guess Who. I've proably neglected to mention that when Jake gets "into" something, he doesn't abandon his other interests so the people from Guess Who and backyard baseball are usually in the cast of whatever it is he is performing.

I'm probably typing on borrowed time here, as Jonathan's computer has not yet crashed, so I'll stop for now, not knowing when or where my next blogging opportunity will come.


Tiffany said...

Yeah! You posted something! I've missed your blog. I hope you get your computer woes worked out soon. FYI--Ollie got a really good computer for fairly cheap at Office Depot last time ours died. It's an ACER and it works great. It's not top of the line but these days top of the line has so much memory and fancy stuff that most people don't need half that.

chewhi said...

I agree... sometimes we don't need on a computer near what's on there... of course, when it's 6 years old and never had an upgrade... you're right, things have changed so much the memory is probably not keeping up with what's required!

All the new pictures are great! My son Jake, here at 16 1/2, has gone to the local theatre company to see what's available for him in the production department... I think that's what it would be called.