Friday, August 22, 2008

Changes, Flooding, and Fun with Friends

I changed my blog bookshelf and put some books from our curriculum on there, so you can see where I get some of my brilliant ideas. I also rearranged my blog songs, and put some "storm" songs on in honor of Fay who started out slow for us, but eventually did some damage. You can't see the water damage on the carpet, but the fan and shop vac are there because we had rain coming into our wall and soaking the carpet in our family room last night.
We also had rain coming into our attic and soaking the ceiling in the hallway.
While Mike and the boys were home "hunkering down" in the storm and surveying the damage, Madi and I were celebrating one of her closest friend's 10th birthday with some great friends.


Leisa said...

Ouch, on the ceiling! Is it warping or just leaving a stain? How bad did the attic look? I say claim the water damage and put that wood floor in =)

chewhi said...

praying this will be quickly resolved.

Smith Schoolhouse said...

OK those pictures of the girls are too scary! They look so old and I think I am getting a glimpse of what they are going to look like as teenagers!