Monday, August 11, 2008

A Simple Woman's Daybook for today...August 11, 2008

Outside my window...I can see the Oleander that I just planted this morning.

I am thinking...about what a full Theatre week it is going to be.

I am thankful mornings and evenings when I can be outside and not worry about the sun.

From the kitchen...we'll be making a lot of sandwiches this week to be eaten in the back of the Theatre.

I am wearing...jammies (Red Sox Tshirt, Mikes' gray shorts).

I am reading...the same Fannie Flagg book as last week and haven't gotten very far. Also Stopping at Every Lemonade Stand, a book about creating a positive community for kids.

I am feel motivated and ready to start school next Monday.

I am hearing...Jonathan's radio, what else?

Around the house...the kids are getting ready for the last week of Theatre summer camp.

One of my favorite things...watching my kids perform.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week...Performances every night...Jonathan's recital (dance camp and scenes and monologs) tonight, Jake's recital tomorrow-- Snow White...he's a Dwarf (Madi is a helper with this), Guys and Dolls Jr Wed and Thur.

Here is a picture story I'm sharing with you...
We got rid of some of our dead grass in the front yard, by planting some trees and bushes.

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Randi Sue said...

When we had spots like that in our yard last year, we think it was chinch bugs. We found out that they only live in sunny locations. We kept thinking that our grass needed more water, but it was chinch bugs. Once Dick treated it with something(?) the spots went away, except for the side yard. We lost the whole side yard. It is all in the sun.

bfarmmom said...

Wow! Your landscaping job looks great! How fun that you all pitched in to help. I love family projects like that!