Sunday, August 3, 2008

a little more of the trip

OK, I really hate pictures of myself, but here's one anyway. I'm including this for two reasons, to show what a fun Mom I am and to show off my big purchase... a swim shirt to protect my high cancer risk skin! The hardest part of a vacation...unpacking!! Here's one more video...a fun time at Funland!!


cindy said...

I think that unpacking/doing the laundry is by far the worst part of coming home from any vacation! And I'm the same way about pictures, I usually make sure I'm the one taking them! (good for you, buying the shirt to keep you safe!)

chewhi said...

great picture!

unpacking is awful. It's suppose to get better as everyone gets older... (notice I'm letting that hang)

Randi Sue said...

My kids asked, " where's Jake?" We tried to find him on the ride.

Julie said...

Jake is with Jonathan, Jake has a black shirt on and Jonathan's is blue, most of the time they have their hands up in the air.