Monday, August 18, 2008

A Simple Woman's Daybook for today...August 18

Outside my window... the clouds are rolling in...tropical storm Fay is on the way!

I am thinking...about how well our "first day of school" went today.

I am thankful for...the opportunity to homeschool my kids.

From the kitchen...Mike and I are having buffalo chicken pizza (I can't wait!). The kids are having left overs (actually our chicken is left over too).

I am wearing...My red homeschooling Tshirt in honor of our first day and tan shorts.

I am reading...Farmer Boy to the kids and Jake and I read the first Junie B Jones between last night and today. It is Junie B Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus. When I first read that book to Madi I said "silly" smelly bus. Sadly, stupid is one of Jake's favorite words, so I just said it!

I am hoping...that Mike gets to stay home tomorrow and we have a cozy day with lots of rain, but not bad wind.

I am hearing...the radio's tropical update and the kids and OBM's kids playing house. Just heard the public schools in our county will be closed Tue and Wed because of Fay...we will be up and running...maybe by candlelight.

Around the house...We started school inspite of the mess in the loft, and some of it actually got cleaned up. I need to get the clothes off the line before the rain starts.

One of my favorite things...reading to the kids.

A Few Plans for the rest of the week...Tropical Storm and school work. Also, on Thursday Madi and I get to go to a 10th birthday party that is overnight at a bed and breakfast, how cool is that?! (we will school through the storm, but not on Friday...homeschoolers can do that).

A picture thought I'm sharing with you...Jake and his tongue hard at work this morning.

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bfarmmom said...

We started school today also. It went well. I am exhausted! We are also getting ready to "hunker" down. Oh and your pizza soud yummy. Care to share the recipe?

Tiffany said...

I want the recipe too. It sounds delish!
Jake and his tongue...he is too cute. I wonder if he will get really into school like he gets really into everything else. My bet is the Guess Who people will be doing school pretty soon.

ann marie said...

That is a cute picture. I am reading this on Tuesday morning. It looks nice out, so maybe Fay will not come our way.

cindy said...

Love the picture of Jake...Tucker does the same thing when he's really concentrating! sounds like your first day went well! Our thoughts are with you guys as you brace for Fay!

kadezmom said...

I miss Junie B. What a cutie she is. Dd and I spend several fun filled hours with her.