Monday, September 8, 2008


Simple woman's daybook for today...September 8th.

Outside my window...It is clear and sunny.

I am thinking...about attempting to use my ancient wheat mill (that I bought from an elderly woman who advertised it for sale at the health food store). I'm not very confident that it will work.

I am thankful...that is going to start cooling off soon. The lovebugs are starting to appear (they come twice a year, just before it gets really hot and just before it cools off).

From the kitchen...not sure yet, hopefully some homemade bread and cinnamon rolls if the mill actually works!

From the learning rooms...Jonathan and Madi are going on a field trip to a nature center today. I'm going to attempt to get a week's worth of work done between this afternoon and Thursday. We will then have a small fall break after that (yes after only 4 weeks), Friday Jake and Madi will be at Meme and Grampa Carlie's. Mike, Jonathan and I will be on our way to CT. Jonathan will spend Saturday in New York City with Grandpa Sal for his 13th birthday. (early next week we will continue our break with a trip to a fun hotel that our friends won in a raffle and more Disney).

I am creating...bread I hope!

I am have TJ and Sari here with Jake this morning while the others go to the nature center. I might not actually have to go anywhere today, we'll see.

I am wearing...jammies!

I am reading...I still have the bookmark in the same place in Caddie Woodlawn. I've been on a Sodoku kick instead of reading.

I am hoping...we have a safe trip to CT this weekend.

I am hearing...the music from my blog. I know blog music is something a lot of you don't like, and I have to say I generally pause it as soon as I get on a blog, mine and anyone else's, but today I'm listening to it.

Around the was clean until we came in with our suitcases, blankets, pillows etc from this weekend.

One of my favorite things...Chocolate Trinity ice cream from Publix.

A few plans for the rest of the week... school work, babysitting (Madi really does this I just supervise), getting ready for our trip, and of course date night on Wednesday!

A picture thought I am sharing...

This is from Cinderella from almost two years ago. Madi played a poodle named Babbett and Jonathan was a newspaperboy.

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Tiffany said...

I'm curious about this nature center field trip? I don't want to go, just being nosy. I don't remember hearing about it on the group.
Try out the mill! I've been dying to know if it works--you'll have to report back.
I have to try to get a week's worth of school done in three days because today is a teacher work day around here.

AllyJo said...

You must live where I live. We are seeing love bugs too. Ick. I love blog music. Why don't people like it? I'm a music junkie so that must be why it doesn't bother me. I love Abba too. I grew up on them and they bring back so many good memories. :)

crispy said...

Let me know about the mill. Do a post with pictures and let us know how it works and what kind it is. Sounds like a story about buying it.

Sandra said...

Such a cute photo, they looked adorable :)

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Marye said...

Good luck wiht the mill..hoping you will be pleasantly surprised


chewhi said...

mmhmm... chocolate trinity...