Monday, September 29, 2008

memory lane

I got this from Peter's Peapod, and thought now was a great time to do this because...

15 years ago this week Mike asked me to marry him! I had pink eye at the time and he put the ring inside of a chocolate pumpkin lollipop. We were living in Charlotte, NC.

10 years ago we were living in Danbury, CT and eagerly awaiting our move to Florida. Madi was 6 months old and happiest most content baby you'd ever seen. Jonathan was getting ready to celebrate his 3rd birthday with a Blue's Clues theme. Blue's Clues was pretty new, so we had to make the decoations ourselves.

5 years ago Jonathan was almost 8 and Jake was almost a year old. We were living in our old house and hadn't yet decided to move. We were very unstructured homeschoolers at the time. Jonathan was already involved in Theatre, but Madi hadn't started yet. We were involved in MOPS, and regularly going to homeschool park days on Fridays. We were friends with most of the same people we are involved with today.

3 years ago We had been living in this house for about 6 months. We were planning a huge combination birthday party for Jonathan's 10th, Jake's 3rd, as well as OBM's Mimi's 6th and TJ's 4th. We had a "jumpy thing" and a big train cake.

1 year ago...It is so hard to even think about. Mike was having some abdominal pain,and in the follwing days and the doctor would order an ERCP (a type of scope procedure). The pain was nothing compared to what he (and all of us) would go through over the following weeks when the ERCP caused him to develop pancreatitis. To read more about it you can go back to my posts from last October. I think that's all I'm going to say about it.

Today we've done most of our school work and will enjoy and calm quiet afternoon at home. I feel so blessed that everyone is healthy, and I thank God for that everyday.

Tomorrow I will continue to educate my kids, help Madi babysit and enjoy watching her grow into a young woman, continually be entertained by Jake while at the same time helping him to control his temper, and spend some time loving my "first baby" Jonathan who on Thursday will be a TEENAGER!!

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cindy said...

You beat me to it! I plan on doing this to...maybe later on tonight. I snuck inside for a few minutes on the pretense of switching the laundry to the dryer but really need to go back out front where Tucker is riding his bike (in the driveway).