Monday, September 15, 2008

Julie and Mike's weekend

We landed at Newark airport, you might be able to make out the NY skyline.

Friday morning we woke up at our house in Florida and were in Westport, CT in time for lunch with Mike's father. We frequently drive that same route so we are used to it taking 2 days!

From left to right nephews John and Zack, and Cindy's son (like a nephew) Tucker.

Me and the infamous Cindy (frequent reader and commenter on your blog and mine!)

Me and my handsome brother Rob.

All dressed for the reunion.

The Michael Cleary Band 17 years later. Mike's brother is playing the keyboards in the white shirt. This is only the second time in about 12 years that he's played with them and we were there both times!

Jonathan, Grandma Marge and Sarah.

Cousin Willis is ONE! You can read all about his birth in the early days of my blog.

A fall picture at a small market in CT. We walked in and smelled the cinnamon brooms and said we'd buy one when we got home. Then later Tiffany and Leisa both mentioned cinnamon brooms in their favorite things blogs yesterday.

The end of the journey waiting for luggage at the baggage claim.


crispy said...

Looks like a whirlwind of a time. Thanks for sharing the pictures. There are times that flying is the only way to go. =)

Smith Schoolhouse said...

glad you're home. I am still curious about Cindy. I have seen her comments on my blog but I wasn't sure how she linked to me. How is she related to you?

Julie said...

I have been friends with Cindy since sophomore year in high school, but we actually knew each other in Kindergarten and first grade too before I moved away. She was my maid of honor and I was her MATRON of honor.