Sunday, September 7, 2008


I'm usually not one to forget special days (and I didn't REALLY forget, I just didn't remember in time), but today is Grandpartents' Day and also my Godson (and one of Jake's bestest friends) TJ's "golden birthday"...doesn't he look golden in this picture?! Happy Birthday TJ and Happy Grandparents' Day Meme and Grampa Carlie.

The sad part is, this is the first Grandparents' Day that I don't have grandparents.


ann marie said...

Your parents look very cute in that picture.

cindy said...

I had all kinds of plans for Grandparent's Day...having Tucker make cards or at least color/paint a picture. With all the craziness of losing my job, I COMPLETELY forgot. Didn't even THINK of it until I went on-line around 8:30 last night when I saw the reminder for the date in my mail box. (I belong to a site that sends a daily reminder of the holidays because I think it's fun to know and learn about holidays we may have never heard of!) I agree with Ann Marie about the picture!