Thursday, October 9, 2008

The case for FALL

We have lived in Florida for almost 10 years and this year more then ever I have heard so many people complaining about the lack of fall in Florida. Yes, I get the point, we don't have a lot of pretty red, orange, and gold leaves. I like color too, I especially like that we'll still be seeing a lot of green leaves and grass, blue sky, and flowers of all different colors all throughout the year as opposed to the people who may be seeing vibrant fall colors now, but in a few weeks will see nothing buy gray for months on end. And it is true that our highs are still in the 80's. I love highs in the 70's as much as everyone else...guess what... the majority of the next six months will be highs in the 70's...not true for the people with the vibrant colors. I love cinnamon brooms and pumpkin desserts...they smell and taste just as good when you're wearing shorts. Yes, I love to eat a crisp sweet apple right off of the tree, but pretty soon we'll be picking strawberries. We'll also be drowning in lemonade from all of the huge lemons we're getting on our tree. Our kids won't have to wear a coat over their Halloween costumes either!


DebiH. said...

All good points :) Maybe we just need a short vacation further north to satisfy our longing for a crisp fall day. I do love FL in February!

chewhi said...

I happen to be a Florida fan too... lived in enough cold weather... Alaska, Montana, SD, Germany, Holland... even Virginia and NC (beautiful states) can get pretty cold!

Tiffany said...

I've never lived anywhere that has had a really good, picture book fall. So, I don't have much to miss. Here I love seeing the golden rain trees bloom because I know cooler weather is on the horizon. Fall here also means scarecrow stroll, Trinity pumpkin patch, Plant and Garden Fair, Craft Festival, and more!