Saturday, October 18, 2008

Jake is SIX!!!

Can you believe my BABY is six?! Here are six things about Jake in honor of his 6th birthday...

1. Jake's "birth" day was my favorite day ever! He was born at a wonderful place surrounded by wonderful people. Jonathan and Madi were there, and Jake made our family complete!

2. Jake was born to perform...he is in the 7-18 year old class at Theatre even though he is just turning six, he performs nonstop.

3. When Jake likes something he really gets into it. Some of his most recent interests include Aladdin, webkinz, High School Musical, Berenstain Bears books, and Harry Potter Scene It (I know...he's only 6, but he is the third child). He also still loves Veggie Tales, Schoolhouse Rock, the Wiggles, the Laurie Birkner band, and even Barney.

4. He is so smart. He's known the days of the week and the months of the year for as long as I can remember and always knows what day it is. He often uses the phrases "yesterday's yesterday" and "tomorrow's tomorrow" as in Yesterday's yesterday we saw our cousins or we'll go to Disney tomorrow's tomorrow. He is really good with math and reading. He is a fast learner.

5. Behaving is not his strong suit. If he knew bad words he would use them (he says idiot and stupid WAY too often). He is high strung and can turn on a dime. He is not very friendly to people, and I often offer him money to actually look people in the eye and speak kindly to them.

6. Jake has a dynamic personality and there is no way to describe him with only six things...he is bright, funny, cute, cuddly, loving, rude, spunky, creative, shy, outgoing, messy, helpful, silly, talented, interesting, and so so much more. There is a children's book called Quick as a Cricket that describes a little boy who is as loud as a lion and as quiet as a clam, as weak as a kitten and as strong as an ox, as lazy as a lizard and as busy as a bee, etc...etc...this is Jake. And to top it all off, he still comes into our bed almost every night.


cindy said...

Happy Birthday, Jake! Hard to believe how grown up he and Tucker are, isn't it?! Love the pictures! (By the way, Tucker still comes into our bed most nights, too!)

Emily said...

Happy Birthday, Jake!

ann marie said...

Happy Birthday Jake. Okay, that was a really cute post , but I liked your number five thing about him the best. That is funny and cute, very cute. I like kids who behave just like they want to, no cares about being nice to everyone. I married someone like that so maybe that's why I have a soft spot for it ( that he is an adult, my hubby swears way too much so just keep hiding those bad words from him!)

oneblessedmamma said...

Happy Birthday to my favorite Godson :-).

Randi Sue said...

Happy Birthday Jake! It is so much fun watching you grow up!