Sunday, October 12, 2008

daybook at night

For today Sunday night Oct 12

Outside my backseat of the car window it is dark, rainy, and not too much traffic. We are on 95 almost in SC.

I am thinking about how I am attempting to do this without the benefit of copying and pasting the questions. There is not much else to do in this dark car, Mike is still going strong driving, and the kids are sleeping.

I am hearing the radio, a station from Hilton Head that is counting down the top 20 Christian songs of the week.

Around the house...we left it pretty messy.

Around the car...messy too, we'll be living out of it all week.

Not much homecooked food this week.

From the learning rooms we plan to keep up with math and our read alouds this week. Also Jonathan and Madi each have the books they are reading...Madi might read Are You There God it's me Margaret this week, Jonathan is reading The Cricket in Timesquare.

I am still reading Keeping Faith, not sure what I think of it yet. I also have the new Nicholas Sparks book to read. We were planning to see Nights in Rodanthe yesterday, but had the time wrong, that's how we ended up seeing Fireproof...the song from Fireproof is on the radio was SUCH A GREAT MOVIE!!!

One of my favorite things is that our kids are really good travelers...plenty of experience! Sadly they have been to more funerals in the last four years than I had been to my whole life prior to four years ago.

I can't think of anymore questions and I have no pictures to share.

Plans for the week involve two different wakes, a funeral, some crying, lots of visiting, way too much driving, and a lot more time spent on Mike's blackberry.


Randi Sue said...

I loved Fire Proof, too.

cindy said...

I don't know if you'll have time but call me and maybe we could see each other while you're up here.

Tiffany said...

Wow--did you update from the Blackberry? Maybe we'll get to here from you some during this trip.
How far did you get last night?

Leisa said...

Hi Julie, we are praying for safe travels and comfort. I know about the too much travelling lately. The kids really do get into that groove.