Sunday, October 26, 2008

Daybook...cheating again!

For today Sunday October 26th.

Outside my is chilly, clear and beautiful. I have a bathrobe on and actually just closed the window! Who says we don't have a change of seasons?

I am thinking... about how it doesn't feel like Sunday. We went to Mass last night (Madi and I in Orlando on our way home from seeing the Wizard of Oz...we got free tickets ($50 tickets) from the orthodontist). Mike left at 7 this morning, he is in a golf tournament then has a trade show in St Pete. We will meet him down there this afternoon. We are actually going to do school work this morning, then have a day and a half of rest at a resort. I am also thinking about how I just wore Madi's flip flops to bring out the recycleables and compost! (Jonathan's are too big for me!)

From the learning rooms...Going to try to sqeeze in a week's worth of work in 2 or 3 days.

I am thankful for...our painted stairway, hall and loft! I am also thankful we have many opportunities for "free" fun, like the play yesterday and the resort tonight and tomorrow. Of course with parking, food, gas, etc...we all know nothing is really free, just drastically reduced!

From the kitchen...bread dough is rising.

I am wearing...jammies and my cozy bathrobe (I have freezing bare feet!)

I am reading...The Witch of Blackbird pond with Madi. I plan to really read this Nicholas Sparks book in the next two days, I haven't made the time to get into it yet. I've also been skimming Secrets of the Third Pig about raising resilient children. Our pediatrician always recommends it and I found it at a consignment store on the my home from the pediatrician's office last week.

I am hoping...that the orthodontist can see Madi in the midst of our crazy schedule this week because a bracket already came off and another is loose.

I am creating...a comfortable and attractive loft I hope, it is the one room that has never looked good to me. Now the walls are nice it is time to get the rest of it under control.

I am hearing...Aladdin on TV downstairs although Jake just went outside to play.

Around the house...the new paint makes me so happy!!

One of my favorite things...toast and peanut butter.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Two nights at a resort, The usual Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday activities, a play (Robin Hood) and then Disney on Thursday, and Friday seems a long way off.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...we'll have to go back to the pumkin patch because this is the only picture that Jake isn't making a silly face in!


bfarmmom said...

I love the picture of the kids. Where is that pumpkin patch? WE still have not gotten ours!

Tiffany said...

He kind of is making a silly face. With is eyes at least. It's still a good fall picture though. Kirsten--in case Julie doesn't get back to her blog for a day or two--it's at Trinity Evangelical Free church. They've got a great set up for picture taking. I love it!