Friday, October 10, 2008

Field Trips

Yesterday the kids had a chance to attend a free golf clinic at a nearby school for golf teachers. They will go again next week. Jonathan has done this before, but it was the first time for Jake and Madi.

Last month we went to a local nature center. We usually go there 3 or 4 times a year.

This was actually an "adult field trip" it was advertised in the newspaper as a "naturalist" day. Most of the people there were senior citizens, you just see lots of kids because we were in a group with kids, but there were four groups total (close to 100 people in all).

Looking a tiny butterfly eggs on the leaves.

Checking out a cocoon.

On Tuesday we went on a field trip to the county courthouse where a judge talked to the kids and answered questions for close to two hours.

A friend of Madi's (who is not homeschooled) once told her she is glad she doesn't homeschool because "homeschoolers don't go on field trips". Just in case anyone else assumed that too, these are some pictures of some of the field trips we've been on since the beginning of our "school year". We use the term "field trip" a little loosely, but notice this doesn't even include Jonathan's day in New York City, his chance to go to a Major League playoff game on his birthday or the many times we go to Disney.


chewhi said...

go homeschoolers!

cindy said...

Love the trip to the nature center...
there's a nature center in Mystic that I've been wanting to go and I just found out the library has free passes so I'm hoping to go! Also love the trip to the court; was that a special program for homeschoolers?

Tiffany said...

Your pictures made me want to make the time to go back to Trout Lake, it's been a long time.
Homeschoolers go on the best field trips in my opinion!

Randi Sue said...

Every trip is a field trip for home schoolers.