Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I think as Moms we are pretty familiar with the concept of objects in motion staying in motion and objects at rest staying at rest. Often it is the kids who are staying in motion and we are the ones trying to stay at rest. Other times though it is us constantly in motion (cooking, cleaning, picking up...) while it seems everyone else in the family is staying "at rest". This has to do with inertia. Inertia measures how hard it is for a force to move an object. The lemon in this case has a high inertia because it is heavier, the column it is resting on has a low inertia. The low inertia lets the column move easily while the lemon falls (is pulled by gravity) right where it is.


Leisa said...

We are in the same boat. Civil war is only scheduled for three weeks and I think it will be more like 4-5 with all the projects and books we have.

Plus the Gettysburg address memorization ;)

cindy said...

Love the analogies, especially about being the one in motion and everyone else being at rest! Another great experiment!

crispy said...

Very cool. It was great to run into you at the library. Wish it were for a longer chat.