Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Update from the blackberry

I'm hooked on Mike's blackberry. I am sitting at Mike's father's kitchen table updating my blog. We just had some really good bagels. Jake didn't like them, he said it was "too raw"...he meant they were hard and chewy...he doesn't know bagels are supposed to be hard and chewy. I can read people's blogs from the blackberry, but can't figure out how to comment. I just read Sonlightgarden's 100 things post...I really admire her. I was going to say she is my idol, but figured that word wouldn't go over too well! My father's cousin's wake and funeral were postponed until next week, so we didn't make it to my side of the family's neck of the woods. Mike's grandmother's wake is this evening and the funeral Mass is at 10am tomorrow. We will head back home tomorrow afternoon. On Saturday we went to dinner with a high school friend of Mike's and her mother at downtown Disney. They own a toy store in the town Mike's father lives in. Yesterday we went to that toystore.


ann marie said...

I'm sorry to hear about Mike's grandmother.
I loved sonlight gardens 100 post as well. It sparked some serious thought in me.
Have a safe trip.

DebiH. said...

It's good to hear from you while you are away. You are missed & prayed for during this time.

cdgantz said...

We miss you! Travel carefully! We'll see you on Saturday.