Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pictures of the last few days

On Thursday (Jonathan's actual birthday and the one year anniversary of Mike getting sick) Mike and Jonathan were able to get amazing tickets to the first ever Tampa Bay Rays play off game. They had such great seats, they were basically right on the field in special seats that are not normally even there and were just added for the playoffs. They bought them online that morning. Yes, those are the cheerleaders and that is the actual mascot! They were able to catch a free Tshirt and the lady next to them gave Jonathan a ball that she caught. They had the time of their lives!

While Mike and Jonathan were at the baseball game, Jake, Madi, and I helped to unload the more than 2000 pumpkins that were trucked in for the AWANA pumpkin patch. We will be working at it a few times in the next few weeks, come get a pumpkin and some good pictures!

Jonathan doctored some of his playmobil people so he could have a Harry Potter cake.

Tonight after much anguished debate over if we should go to Disney or not, we ended up staying local and played minigolf...a much more expensive choice since we have passes to Disney and minigolf is not cheap, but it was fun!


ann marie said...

We really want to get to see a game next year. It looks like they had a blast. What a great present.

cindy said...

Looks like you all had a good time! Love the pumpkin sale!