Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Decisions Decisions

Mike and I often joke that we made the decision to buy this house faster than some people pick out a Christmas tree. We are going to have our loft and the two-story wall that goes up the stairs painted tomorrow and we technically haven't even gotten the paint yet. It only took about 2 minutes in Lowes yesterday to find a color we like, and today I will need to go to Sherwin Williams and find something similar and buy it. We are flexible and easy. We tend to agree on almost everything and it takes us almost no time to decide things like that. This kids and I will make the hour long drive to the pediatrician's office today for Jake and Jonathan's well check ups. We found this pediatrician shortly after moving here and have gone there ever since. We've also had a few visits to a local pediatrician, but no one is like Dr F, so we deal with the drive and keep going there. Mike has worked for the same company for the almost 10 years that we've lived here and we've been very happy at the same Church this whole time. Jonathan's been doing Theatre for more than half his life, and clearly this activity is a good fit for Madi and Jake as well. My point, is we make quick decisions and stick with them. Put another way, we don't tend to waste a lot of time trying to decide on things. I wasn't always this way. As a child, I remember agonizing over simple decisions like whether I should spend the night at Mugga's or Dotty Kay's house. I'd have a hard time deciding on what friend to invite over as well. Madi is just like me at that age. She often wants me to tell her which cereal she should have for breakfast because she doesn't want to have to choose. Tomorrow she is getting her braces. At her last orthodontic appointment the assistant asked the orthodontist if they could do the clear brackets (as opposed to metal) for Madi because in her words, "She's such a pretty little girl, and on stage all the time." The orthodontist thought it was a good idea and I did too. Who wouldn't right? Well, Madi for one. I have since asked them if she can have the traditional metal ones if she wants, this is fine too. The problem is now Madi has to make the decision. She knows I prefer the clear ones, but she also had been planning on having the "normal" ones for so long she just doesn't know what to do. She has cried about it more than once. Her appointment is first thing tomorrow morning, so there is an end in sight, but in the mean time I know she'll spend a lot of today agonizing over it. I know just how she feels, thankfully I outgrew it, and I'm confident she will too. It is so hard for her right now though. Growing pains. She's so grown up and capable, babysitting and everything. She has no fear of getting up on stage and is in the process of preparing for two major roles right now-- Maybelle in Bridge to Terabithia and ANNIE in Annie!! She is a mature, confident young lady, she is also my sweet, unsure, and undecided little girl. If you think of it, say a prayer for her today.


Randi Sue said...

You know, Mandi has a very difficult time making decisions. And then she will change them at the last minute. It is good to hear that she is not the only one. She often say, too, what do you want me to do?

ann marie said...

I make decisions quickly - big ones, small ones, it doesn't matter, I make them without giving much thought to it and then I do something really bad...I spend all day second guessing what I did. It is so ridiculous and I am trying hard to just live with what I have decided.
I hope she does good with her braces.

Melissa said...

I totally get this! Recently, I've had to make a couple of decisions for my Maddy - she just couldn't make up her mind and was so distressed about what to do. When I chose for her, she was much relieved. Congrats on the Annie role - that's wonderful!!

crispy said...

This was a interesting post. Decisions have been pretty easy for me. The world is black and white and for me it always has been.

My Tally, on the other hand, has a hard time with decisions. Watching her choose anything is almost painful. Like the goodie box at the dentist or choosing a piece of candy from her Halloween bin. Agony. So I can relate to your post.

I am sure she will choose just the right braces.